First visit to the police station

You have your OIB, a bank account to show you can support yourself, the pretty images of yourself and your health insurance ready.

Is it time to go and apply for your permit.

You could, but I would put in one little stop on the way before hand.

Your first trip to the police station!

We were so damn lucky that our real estate lady knew the lady taking care of applaying for residence that she made and appointment for us to go meet her. To be hornest, I’m not sure if we were just that lucky or if most real estate agents have this connection, maybe a good idea to ask.

Anyway we got an appointment and started out by going to the wrong place. Luckily a nice police officer send us in the right direction and a little delayed we arrived.

We just wanted to know exactly what we needed and get the forms needed to apply. But now the fun started. The woman did not really speak a word english. We tried our best sign language and finally came a mutual understanding. She told us what we needed and gave us the form.

Why I think this stop is important (and by all means you can go even if you don’t have an appointment) is simply because I like to fill out important form like this in my own quiet apartment. She was willing to let us fill it out there, but we had decided to make sure that when we actually apply we will arrive with all things ready – looking awesome.

But this trip also confirmed that we need to bring a native speaker when we actually apply. We don’t want to have things misunderstood when it really matters, and Croatian police a knows by expats to give a residence permit after mood, weather (don’t go when it’s “we all get crazy weather, see this post) and general likeness of the person in front of them.

So come prepared and smiling on a sunny day – and all should be fine.

If you are anything like me ad hate public offices like police stations, you really want things to go as smooth as possible