Christmas in Split, New Years in Dubrovnik

15934289_10154814206783286_1019680339_oChristmas came with me really noticing, for one it was almost 15 degrees and second I didn’t have any christmas decoration what so ever. But in trying to have just a bit of that croatian christmas feeling, I decided to try out some of their traditions – one being the christmas wheat that you sow on the 13th and if it’s over ten cm when you reach new year, you’re gonna have a great next year. I was a little nervous, it was a lot of pressure in insuring a good 2017 – but my wheat behaved and grew like crazy. Safe to say 2017 is going to be awesome.


Christmas in Croatia is crazy (like most places). They really like their decoration and small christmas shops. The riva turned into one big christmas marked and was not short on mulled wine options. So when the dark fell and the lights were turned on, the christmas feeling started to sneak up on me. Almost everyday somethings was going on in old town: concerts, markedets, DJ’s, you name it. These people really know how to celebrate!



When Christmas weekend came, we decided to take a walk in Marjan to enjoy the weather and be prepared for all the food, I had planned to consume. As always Marjan never disappoints – it’s just so damn beautiful to walk around the park. And with the park being our next door neighbour, there is no excuse not to go!

On the 22nd we went to the police and handed in our application for temporary residency. And hour later we left with a 5 year residency, now I really felt like celebrating! Such a great way to end the year.

15902631_10154814207023286_692108262_oOn the 24th we started the day by walking to old town for lunch – I kinda expected a lot of people there, but nothing like this. It was like one giant party! Music everywhere, people chatting, drinking and even dancing. My sort of Christmas! We had a nice outdoor lunch (it was very warm), headed home to make baby Jesus’ birthday cake.

It was the first time ever I celebrated Christmas without my family, so it never felt the same, but we had a great evening.

The following days were spend on the sofa or walking Marjan, and when new years came close, we packed our bags and headed for the bus to Dubrovnik (since there is no ferries outside season). 5 hours later we checked in to the most central and awesome hotel I’ve seen in Dubrovnik (really try out More Apartments!).

15878384_10154814206393286_996947068_oNew years eve we had an amazing (and huge) dinner at Klarisa and after that headed to Stradun for the countdown and fireworks. But none of this happened – no countdown and fireworks started before midnight and lasted 3 minutes. As a dane who is used to 6 hours intensive firework, I was so disappointed. We drank our champagne, some mulled wine and bought beers for the hotel.

The next day we woke up a little disappointed, but quickly realised the weather was amazing and the town almost empty. So after breakfast we headed to the city walls. We walked the tour before, but with 100,000 tourist at the same time. This time we had the walls for ourselves, just perfect! If you go to Dubrovnik, don’t miss out on the wall walk!

img_0519While walking the wall we saw something strange, a weird wood construction we hadn’t seen last time. So after the walk we headed for that. It took some google search to realise we were in the middle of a movie set (and a Jamie Dornan/ Leonardo DiCaprio move nonetheless). Pretty awesome if you ask me.

At lunch time the city woke up and a 12 hours non -stop concert started + a 10km race. They might not know how to do new years, but they now how to do January first.

Next year we will probably not go to Dubrovnik – but still happy we did. Can’t help loving that city!

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