Roadtrip to Maraska and new apartment

The day had finally come when we could move into our new apartment (goodbye basement Airbnb). Officially we had the apartment from first of december, but this is Croatia and things don’t always goes as planned. So we moved in on the 4th.

We also thought that we could move in in the morning, but again, this is Croatia. So with a car rented and several hours to spend before we could actually move in, we decided just to drive around. We had no real plans, except wanting to drive a bit up in the mountains.img_0261

With google maps opened we took the first road that seemed like it would lead up upwards, and from there we continued just to drive, where we thought it look nice. We got up pretty high and the view was breathtaking – but where we actually went, I don’t think I will ever be able to say. The joy of just driving…

img_0275After an hour or so in the mountains, the road started being to much off road for our rented car, so we found a more suitable road, which lead us to Omiš. From Omiš we took our beloved road #8 by the coastline and drove to the first bigger city in the search of coffee. We ended up in Maraska, another completely breathtaking beautiful town. How every corner of Croatia can look like this I really cant understand, but I’m so thankful for it.

After our well deserved coffee break we headed back to split, filled up the car with the first load of our belongings and drove to the new apartment.

As this (again) is Croatia, the owners weren’t quite ready to leave yet, but after a short waiting, we got the key and could finally move in to our more permanent home in Split. img_6537

Our place is amazing, with the most beautiful ocean view, huge balcony and a non working piano. Being able to have morning coffee while looking straight at the ocean – and going 5o meters for a swim when summer comes, is what life should be about.

And with the apartment ready we are also finally ready to apply for our temporary residency – and I can finally relax and feel like we actually moved here!

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