Learning the language: First 2 month

It’s been almost 2,5 month since I’ve started to learn Croatian.

Sometimes I’m so proud of myself, sometimes I hate everything about this stupid complicated language. Just when you think, you have it figured out, a new rule, some new endings and a whole new set of complications shows up.

My teacher is great and keeps telling me that it takes time, but it’s just so damn frustrating. And in the middle of trying to learn Croatian, my poor French keeps popping up in my head. Honestly feels like I’m getting better at French by trying to learn Croatian.

But I have learned a bunch and I’m actually getting beyond children’s book level in reading the language, if only speaking it was just as simple 😦

img_6415I’m taking classes two times a week for 1,5 hours each time, practising almost everyday and my dear boyfriend hooked me up with this awesome course tool where I can listen to converstations, which makes it a bit easier to understand what people say. And I can sit at home feeling all awesome, but then when I step outside I’m lost again. Everybody speaks fast and loud, and I loose my confidence and start speaking English instead of trying to speak Croatian.

These are the days when I just want to go home and cry, feeling like I’ll never learn the language and that I might as well just stop. And when my teacher points out that I need to be more confident in speaking – and most of all have to speak louder, otherwise I’ll be ignored or seen as a weirdo, I really want to give up.

But thinking of how I felt two weeks in and then now, I know that I’m moving in the right direction, if only there would be more days where I feel like I rock this language.

But I guess there is nothing else today than to keep practising, cry a little in the sofa and then rock on. I will learn this language, I have to, otherwise I’ll spend the rest of my time here being afraid of going to any public building or none tourist place.

And will that said, I’ll go practise a bit…




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