The loneliness of being an expat working from home..

We been in Croatia for over 3 month now and only one time had the change to meet up with the other expats, so beside from my croatian teacher, our real estate agent and several people working at the public buildings, I haven’t seen anybody beside my boyfriend. Don’t get my wrong, I love his company, but I’m going insane.

Most people who move to new places, move for a job and meet people though work. We moved because we had the chance to do our job from anywhere, and wanted to get away from the Scandinavian weather. But this also leaves us in a quite isolated place, and with it being outside season here and not much going on, the loneliness creeps up on you.

I have my 3 amazing friends back home, 2 of them expats in Denmark, trying to cheer me up, but I really miss seeing them face to face and having one of our stupid and slightly mean conversations. Here I’m smiling like a manic everyday trying to get people to like me, back home I was the sarcastic chick with the bad humour.

My teacher sometimes ask me, as a part of the practise, about what dinner I would make for friends and who we went out with in the weekends. I could lie and make up things (would be better for learning the language probably) but instead my answer is always: Nemam prijatelja u Splitu (I don’t have friends in Split).

It kills me a bit, but I also know making friends is difficult and not being exposed, so to say, to the work life of Croatia really doesn’t help.

So I decided to make a better effort, ask the expats if they want to meet up for pivo (beers) and showing interest of going on every tour planned. Hopefully as spring arrives, so will friendships in Split.

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