First Roadtrip, Split – Zadar

The weather said 20 degrees end of November and after not leaving Split since we arrived 3 weeks earlier, it was time to get out of the city.

So down to Nova cars we went, rented a car, started the GSP and of we were.

First stop Trogir.

img_0129Trogir is a very cosy little mini Split just by Split airport, but to be honest we just drove around. It was a “roadtrip” after all and the weather showed that no weather forecast can be trusted. From Trogir we took the cost line to Sibenik. On the way we saw these funky things in the water, right now I have no idea what there are there for, but will investigate! (or if you know please comment).


So on our way by the coastline to Sibenik or that was the plan, somewhere between me setting the GSP and telling my boyfriend where to go, we ended on a mountain road – away from the coast. But what an amazing detour, the scenery was stunning. The colours of the mountains are a vision.

img_0167Again we just drove though, but did see this amazingly and weirdly located wall – Bedem”, and old roman ruin from the middle age.

Right now you are most likely thinking: stop the car! Get out, see things! But our goal was Zadar and the trip had so far taking us around 2 hours and we were not even half way there.


The last part of our trip was just straight road, again by the coast line.

After 3.5 hour we came to our final destination: Zadar. Finally we could park the car and wander down the old streets to see the “sun salute Zadar” and listen to the ocean play the organ (see more here)

We had lunch outside (though the weather was against us, but we chose to ignore that!)

After a few hours we headed back home, this time I was driving and we didn’t miss the the coast road #8, but took it all the way straight to Split – with a few stops on the way to see one of the absolute stunning sunsets of Croatia.

Next time we see Zadar it will be in season, but I can guarantee we won’t take the highway!

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