Funny thing about the weather…

…it apparently makes people crazy..

Yesterday we spend most day inside working, and the grey weather outside didn’t really inspire to leave the safe indoor of our basement Airbnb. So when I had to go to my Croatian language lesson, I was quite surprised to realise it was warm, weirdly warm for a mid-November day.

When I got to my class my teacher was her usual happy self, but immediately warned me to stay away from the city. Her words were: This weather makes people crazy! (apparently being angry in a grey but warm day is a good excuse to be, let’s say unpleasant in Croatia).

I just smiled and didn’t really give it much more thought. But after the lessons I had to go to a bookshop in Old Town and on my way I noticed something strange. People were mostly looking angry, not returning smiles and when an older man came up to me asking something in Croatian – and I politely told him I didn’t understand him, I swear he started cursing me.

Later in the bookshop I asked for help to find the book and the lady literally shook both her head and hands – and walked away.

There were nothing else today but call up my boyfriend, ask him to meet me for a drink.

While sitting at La Bodega, I couldn’t help notice how empty the city was for a Friday evening. I guess Croatian knows to stay away when the weather turns you crazy – and next time I think I will too…

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