Things i’ve learned so far:

  • Everybody asks why you moved here, and then looks at you like you are crazy when you don’t really have a reason – until you mention it rains 300 a year in Denmark, then they all nod with an “ahh okay” expression.
  • Everybody refuses to admit they speak english, even though they all do – minus the woman in charge of foreign residency application, but why would she need too…
  • If you don’t have a car you are weird, and if you talk about buying a bike, they will tell you where to buy an electric one.
  • When you remember to bring your own shopping bag to Konzum they will look at you like you’re the cutest thing ever (or maybe I just am).
  • Croatians don’t rent, they buy. And if you want to rent long term and have an ocean view, the apartment comes with either an orange kitchen or a piano (we chose the latter).
  • Nobody follows the rules, not even the police lady who handles your papers, if you want to get somewhere – know the right people.
  • You can buy beer in two-liter bottles for 12 kunar – do I need to say more.
  • Croatian is a weird language where they refuse to pronounce the entire word. Now I finally understand my non danish friends problems with learning Danish. And they put weird long extra words or letters behind names (for a reason I’m yet to learn).
  • Croatian alphabet don’t have “Q” (what do the call Q in James bond?) and have 7 extra letters. Most of them pronounced the same way… And “nj” and “lj” are one letter (and when you try to tell your teacher it’s actually two letters.. she’ll shake her head like you a an idiot.)
  • But most important, Split is beautiful and the people are amazing.

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