Moving to croatia

Moving to another country is never easy and Croatia is not an exceptions. But to hopefully make it easier for you I’ll share have we did it.


Get your OIB

OIB consists of 11 digits which contain no personal information. The OIB is constructed from ten randomly chosen digits and one digit control number

Buying a car

Ohh Croatia, just as my dreams of never having to go to the Policija ever again seemed so real, we decided to get a car. Do you need a car in Split? Not really (even though most Croatian would probably disagree), but if you like us are horrible at planning trips ahead, having a car … Continue reading Buying a car

Opening a bank account

When we moved here we were told that the two easiest things would be to get our OIB and bank account. We needed a croatian bank account as a part of the residency application is to prove that you can support yourself, and we had some other expats telling us that there sometimes were issues … Continue reading Opening a bank account

Get your permit

This was my biggest fear with moving to Split. What if we couldn’t get our permit? What if they kicked us out? I read millions of blogs, all saying almost different things, claiming to need different things to apply, and so on… We’ve already gotten the papers to fill out (see First visit to the … Continue reading Get your permit

Get your HZZO

Getting your Hrvatski zavod za zdravstveno osiguranje or in other words HZZO is luckily also fairly easy. HZZO is the Croatian health insurance which you basically need to sign up for if you want to stay (and you want to after going though the permit application nightmare). Getting the HZZO can be different from office … Continue reading Get your HZZO

Finding a place to live

We moved here wanting to live at a rental apartment as buying property was too big a commitment, not knowing the country that well. Split don’t have many apartments for rent, and most of the one they do are only for long term rent in the winter period and will be put up for tourist … Continue reading Finding a place to live