Moving to Croatia is not always simple. Even if you move from within EU!

But luckily there are things that are easy to get. One of these things is your OIB.

OIB is a funny thing, it’s basically a piece of paper, but you’ll need it for everything – getting your permit, opening a bank account, getting a phone number, etc.

OIB is a permanent national identification number of every Croatian citizen and legal persons domiciled in the Republic of Croatia.

To get it you need two things: copy of your passport and a filled in application form – which you can even get in English or German.

The form can be downloaded online and consists of 3 different areas. Unless you are starting a company, then only fill in 1 and 3.

When you’ve downloaded and filled in the form (for help see here), take it to the nearest Opcina.  In Split it’s located on Vukovarska ulica 1 ask for where to go for OIB or simply go to the second floor, door 8.

When you get in, hand over your application form and paper, and then just sit and wait for a few minutes.

Then you’ll be handed your OIB and you are good to go.

Easy peasy!

Next step: The bank