Get your permit

This was my biggest fear with moving to Split. What if we couldn’t get our permit? What if they kicked us out?

I read millions of blogs, all saying almost different things, claiming to need different things to apply, and so on…

We’ve already gotten the papers to fill out (see First visit to the police station) and was now gathering all the documents needed to show. When the documents were ready, we contacted the real estate woman who helped us find an apartment, and she agreed to come with us to the police station. She happened to know the woman there, which luckily for us meant we could go to her office instead of waiting in line.

When we handed her in the paperwork I was almost dying, and as she didn’t speak much english (or none at all) all communication was with our real estate agent, so I had no idea what was going on. She went thought the papers and then left the room. A little confused I asked what was going on, and to my big surprise was told that she was checking if we could finish everything today. A moment later she was back and gave us to bills to go pay at the post office close buy. These were for our residency cards, normally the price was 240kn, but the rules where just changed so we only paid 79kn. To the post office we went and then back again, they took out finger print and handed us the temporary residency cards – and told us to come back in two weeks and pick up the real ones. All in all it took under an hour to get our permits, with no follow up interviews and the police station, as so many had ben forced to do.

We were lucky to be able to bring somebody who knew the right person, so my biggest advice: find that someone, and if thats not possible, find someone who speaks croatian and know the system. Don’t go alone.

We applied for a residency permit without croatian jobs or income – and without owning property.

We’ve used the following documents to apply:

  • Filled out application form
  • Bank statement, signed by the bank (you need min. 2000kn pr month pr person)
  • For danish EHIC cards
  • Our long term rental contract (notarised – important)
  • Copies of our passports
  • Small passports pictures
  • and money for the small fee.


We are both EU citizens which made the process easier.

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