Hvala – learning the language

Fact: Croatian speaks english!

Fact: They will never admit to it…

Moving to a new country means learning and living in a new culture – and to be a part of this culture you need to be able to communicate in some way in the local language.

I will most likely never be fluent in Croatian, but I want to be able to understand whats going on around me, order my food in Croatian and shop in the farmers marked with the locals.

So I started a mission about learning a language that ignores the “Q”, have 7 extra letters and really don’t speak an entire word.

There are many ways to learn a language and luckily there are a hundreds of online programs, apps, etc. But there are also a great choice of language schools in Split. I went with a private tutor to get 1-1 lessons. And it’s awesome!

The prices are cheap (insanely compared to Danish prices) and I pay around 70 Kunar pr hour. So if you are ready to get started, I highly recommend CLC school and even if you haven’t moved here yet or maybe just want to learn the language, she also do Skype lessons. So really no reason not to get started.

Another fun fact: The don’t speak the same Croatian in all parts of Croatia