Opening a bank account

When we moved here we were told that the two easiest things would be to get our OIB and bank account. We needed a croatian bank account as a part of the residency application is to prove that you can support yourself, and we had some other expats telling us that there sometimes were issues by using a non croatian bank for this.

So we set up a meeting with Splitska Banka and went to the bank, thinking this would just be an easy task. But we were a little wrong…

After waiting for almost 40 minutes we finally got to talk to a woman, who told us that they had to review our OIB and passports, as we didn’t have reason for wanting a bank account – they only reason they would accepts was buying property and receiving croatian salary. But she told us to call her back in two days – which be did and were told that they couldn’t open a bank account.

A little defeated I contacted a few other bank and got a meeting with zagrebačka Banka. Luckily here there were absolutely no issues and despite it took ages to set up the account, we left with a croatian bank account.

That we after had some issues wit receiving our credit cards, were down to bad luck…

So to get an account bring your OIB, passport, tax numbers from your own country (if you isn’t a croatian resident yet), your home country address and croatian address and you should be fine.

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