Renting a car

Driving around Croatia is a nice way to see the country – and the amazing coastline. Taking the train is not really a good solution, ferries don’t go straight between all cities (like Split – Zadar) and if you are anything like me, more than an hour on a bus will make you horrible car sick. Which often leaves you with only one option: renting a car.

There are many different places to chose from, all fairly cheap. The prizes for two days are often more or less the same as for just one, so make a longer trip out of it.

You don’t have to go with the big international companies like Sixt, as there are many much cheaper options.

I can recommend Nova Cars, located by the bus station and in the airport. There is also a very cool price comparison site that makes the booking a lot easier.

Once you get your car remember, if an accident happens, always get a police report, make sure the car has all the required papers in it – and a fire extinguisher. And always take the extra insurances, so you wont find yourself with a huge extra bill just because that one stone made that one stupid scratch – and there will be stupid stones, if you go a little off the main roads.

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