Putalj Winery

We went on the full length  5hour wine tour a hot summer afternoon.


We got picked up at a arranged location in town and frist stop was the guide’s own winery, located a bit outside town. Here we had the first tasting of different wines, from different stages in the wine making process. After the tasting we went to a very cosy basement, for some cheese and procito – and more wine.

From here we drove to a winefield on a mountain side, heard about the grapes, harvesting processes and the challenge13900220_10154332578808286_8357998366714913864_ns about making wine in Croatia.

Next step a beautiful garden, home of a 1500 year old olive tree. And then of to our final stop: a private winery located in a garage in the middle of a normal . Again we had several wines to taste and a huge plate of Croatian tapas.

The tour was amazing, but the Croatian fill up you glass completely and there is no spitting out wine. I would guess we had more than 2-3 bottles of wine each, which left us a little tipsy and while writing this I’m pretty sure, we saw one more wine place I just can’t remember.

By the end of the trip we got a lift back to town (with me singing Britney Spears very loudly in the backseat). Next day we didn’t move from the beach (or tasted alcohol).

But don’t get me wrong, even though this trip will leave you tipsy, it will also teach you a lot about Croatian culture, the internal battle of the wineries and how you can make wine even is you can’t grow grapes like in France or Italy.

If you are not up for 5 hours, there is a shorter trip and even cooking trips.

See much more here: http://www.putalj.com/wine–olive-oil—tastings.html

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