What to see?

Walls of Dubrovnik

The Walls of Dubrovnik  or Dubrovačke gradske zidine are the great walls surrounding Dubrovnik . The intact walls in from the 12th–17th centuries and is approx 1,940 metres long They have been considered to be amongst the great fortification systems of the Middle Ages, as they were never breached by a hostile army during this time period. In 1979, … Continue reading Walls of Dubrovnik

National park Krka

Our first roadtrip in our new car let us on our first trip on the highway – and first trip to Krka. Krka is impossible to pronounce correctly and impossible not to love. The park is enormous and stunning. We started by driving to Lozovac. We parked the car and paid the 30kn entrance fee … Continue reading National park Krka


We rented a car and took a day trip from Split to Zadar. The road to Zadar is beautiful (don’t take the highway!!) but long, as traffic don’t always move fast. But around 3 hours after we left Split we entered Zadar. Zadar is is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia. A little bit like Split with … Continue reading Zadar


A nice and warm summer day we took the Kaptain Luka ferry from Split to Dubrovnik. The trip was a long 4,5 hours with stops in Hvar and Brac on the way. This is an easy way to get to Dubrovnik and the only way where you don’t actually have to cross the Bosnian borders … Continue reading Dubrovnik

The Riva

The Riva got it’s look two centuries ago when the French ruled these parts. It stretches from the south facade of the Diocletian Palace, with the entrance into the Substructures to the Port Authorities building on the east end. It’s one of the most busy part of Split, with restaurants and cafes side by side, and … Continue reading The Riva

Marjan park

  Want to get some exercise on your vacation? Well put on your best hiking shoes and head for Marjan!. Marjan is located located on a 178m tall hill and have the most amazing view of the city, the surrounding islands, and the nearby mountains of Mosor and Kozjak. It is covered in a pine forest and it completely … Continue reading Marjan park

Old town

Split is one of the oldest cities in the area. Founded as the Greek colony of Aspálathos  about 2,400 years ago Split’s historic Old Town includes Diocletian’s Palace and the medieval. Old Town is quite stunning and busy (specially in the summer time). Here you will find most of the cities restaurants and shops (if you really want … Continue reading Old town

Diocletian’s Palace

Diocletian’s Palace is an ancient palace built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian more than 2,400 years ago and today forms about half the old town and city center of Split. The palace had four gates:  the Golden gate on the northern side of the fortress, the Silver gate located on the eastern part, the Iron one – on the west, … Continue reading Diocletian’s Palace

Grgur Ninski or Gregory of Nin

Grgur Ninski was a Croatian bishop of Nin who strongly opposed the Pope and according to history introduced the national language. The statue is located to the north of the Palace and Old Town of Split, just outside the Golden Gate. It’s said to bring good luck if you rub the toe of the statue (just not to him since … Continue reading Grgur Ninski or Gregory of Nin