A nice and warm summer day we took the Kaptain Luka ferry from Split to Dubrovnik. The trip was a long 4,5 hours with stops in Hvar and Brac on the way. This is an easy way to get to Dubrovnik and the only way where you don’t actually have to cross the Bosnian borders to get there.

13882183_10154325600338286_1095643454644118468_nDubrovnik is amazing – and you don’t need to have seen one episode of Games of Thrones to enjoy it.

The old town is surrounded by the great city wall and whole old town is made up by tiny narrow streets. Allow yourself to get lost in the streets, don’t be annoyed by the insane amount of people and just wander about. Have lunch outside, maybe by the little harbour and watch the ocean and the boats going in and out. Rent a kayak and explore yourself.

But one thing you have to do, is take the long walk on the city wall. The view is stunning and you really get a feeling for how crazy the build up of the city is.

Another great tip is taking the cable car, from the old town high up to the top of a mountain. The view here beats everything! Tickets can be bought between the exit of the city wall and the cable car. It will be busy in the summer, but see if you can get a place by the window, the trip down is pretty cool.

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