National park Krka

Our first roadtrip in our new car let us on our first trip on the highway – and first trip to Krka.

Krka is impossible to pronounce correctly and impossible not to love. The park is enormous and stunning.

We started by driving to Lozovac. We parked the car and paid the 30kn entrance fee (off season) which covered theimg_0636 entire park. From the we took the horrible steep hiking track to the park. We walked the almost 2 km track from Lozovac to Skradin and back again, seeing the most beautiful nature I’ve seen since New Zealand. And Skradin buk was more beautiful than I’ve imagined. The sound of the water was so loud and forceful and just damn amazing. And the fact that we outside season had the park for ourself only made it better.

img_0652From Lozovac we drove to Roški slap. Another stunning place. We took the million stairs to the cave, only to find out that it was closed outside season (thank you entrance man for not telling us that). But is was till worth is without a doubt.

After Roški slap we had to drive to Drniš to fill up the tank and from we went to the final stop: Manojlovac slap.

img_0669Before going we new that the boats you can take around the park wouldn’t be sailing and we were told there would be some construction work – but it’s would be heavily signed, so we shouldn’t be afraid to miss the entrances, etc. The heavily signed part was either a joke or we managed to miss every single sign. It took a lot of Google maps to find the different entrances and we spend 40 minutes driving in circles to find Manojlovac slap .

Just be prepared to get lost, but beside that don’t miss out of this wonderful park of Croatia.

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