We rented a car and took a day trip from Split to Zadar. The road to Zadar is beautiful (don’t take the highway!!) but long, as traffic don’t always move fast. But around 3 hours after we left Split we entered Zadar.

Zadar is is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia. A little bit like Split with a beautiful old town, but smaller.  Zadar is known for its Roman and Venetian ruins –  surrounded by a city wall.

In the beginning of the old town, there is a nice park with a view over the harbour, from there you can walk through the old streets with shops and restaurants (to many amazing looking bakeries). Take a stop and look at the beautiful churches and the interesting archaeological site.

Take a walk down Paseo Maritimo, and you will reach the tip of the city. Here you will find a huge solar cell system (Sun salutation Zadar) covering the ground. At sunset the installation switches on ana displays a series of colours. The motion of the light depends on the solar energy during the day and the power of the waves.

Next to the installation you can hear the Morske Orgulje (Sea Organ), with the ocean as it’s solo artist –  one of the most amazing things I’ve heard.

The sea organ plays music generated by the motion of sea waves through a series of 35 organ pipes built under a set of large marble steps.

The sounds are  created by pipes of different lengths and sizes with whistles built in them, which plays as the waves force air through them. The pipes are built into seven steps, each one with its own tubing and chord, so as you move the tunes you hear changes.

We visited Zadar mid November, and almost had the entire city for ourselves. In the summer this changes and Zadar becomes very busy – specially around Paseo Maritimo


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