Radisson Blu Resort

Good: A good hotel, with a nice spa and a smaller gym. Good restuarants, beautiful view and friendly staff.

Bad: Located far away from Old Town (3-4 km)

If you are coming to Split to relax on the beach, take fewer trips to Old Town but maybe go on a Island Trip or two – Radisson is good. If you are coming to see Split, be close to the vipe of the city and near everything – Radisson is bad.

As great at this hotel is, remember that taking a 3-4 km walk everyday, is maybe not optimal, and there is a good chance you’ll end up staying at the hotel. If y15240333_10154671067763286_1177612007_nou don’t care about this, book Radisson.

Not a guest?: Well, if it’s outside season or it’s a rainy day, then why don’t take a day at the Radisson Spa? The spa has a decent size and is fairly cheap. And as a bonus, what you pay in entrance, you can get back in products. We paid 350kn for 2 people for a Saturday outside season, which meant one free face cream for me! Wuhuu!

See more and book

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